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IT Solutions
for Your Industry

Banking & Financial Services

Constantly changing regulation and technological innovation, in particular the emergence of FinTech, means that the Banking and Insurance industries are two of the world's most competitive markets. Finance and Insurance market leaders are using IT solutions to reach new clients and provide better service to existing customers. Leveraging streamlined, state-of-the-art IT systems and infrastructure are to their ongoing success. YDC prides itself on providing the best IT professionals and solutions that always exceed our clients' goals.
Offering IT solutions for: Brokerage; Claims Systems; Clearance & Settlement; Credit Card Processing & Distribution; CRM; Investment Banking; Loan Processing & Distribution; Mortgage Banking; Portfolio Management; Private Banking; Retail Banking; Wealth Management; and FinTech.


At all levels of government - agencies struggle with: maintaining legacy systems; managing endpoints; maintaining data availability; auditing active directory access rights; providing correct users access to the correct data at the right time; and managing complex database environments. It can be easy to miss vulnerabilities that could disrupt the entire network, expose classified data, and compromise public safety.
Today's government agencies require IT partners that can secure and modernize their IT environment to ensure safety of the country's most sensitive data, meet compliance requirements and operate 24/7/365. Using insight, knowledge and connections to respond quickly and efficiently to your agency's needs - YDC is there for you through every step of the way. Our team has established exceptional connections to outperform all expectations and fully realize the potential of government initiatives. YDC provides government agencies with operational effectiveness and efficiency using a strategic approach in order to excel in their core missions. Our vast experience in delivering complex solutions for our clients has taught us that success requires business relations, acumen and grace while also requiring skilled leadership in managing large-scale, complex consulting engagements. We ensure only the most qualified and talented staff are applied to projects in well-managed environments.


The Agricultural Industry is undergoing tremendous change that requires careful planning and execution. Using blockchain, automation and IoT technologies can create unparalleled growth for the industry. With the need to adhere to and exceed regulations, standards and industry best practices - the agricultural IT sector can be difficult and complex to navigate and is often proven to reversion to previous technologies.
With YDC on your team - you will have the right business technology guidance and IT solutions that will keep up with changing industry demands and technological innovation.


Our clients within the technology sector have rigorous yet specific requirements when it comes to their business needs. Domestic and global projects often require strategic planning, management and execution along with the right mix of temporary, contractual and permanent talent. Our clients' complex projects require that we take on full project tasks, meet and exceed defined service level agreements, often under tight project timelines and various cost constraints. YDC is partnered with YDCPro to provide IT professionals that are equipped and cover a complete range of professional skill sets - from basic PC support to cutting-edge software and hardware systems. Our clients partner with us because they know YDC will have the service and expertise they can rely on and trust to get the job done right.


The  industry of education is changing rapidly and shifting in order to provide digital learning solutions. This trend is helping educational organizations reach more students in remote locations and offers interactive learning never before possible through emerging technologies. Educational organizations want to know that they have a partner that will assist them in developing and implementing education solutions that will increase overall quality and impact, yet reduce operational costs. YDC is there to help update educational organizations with revolutionary and emerging technology.

Energy & Utilities

The Energy & Utilities industry is no exception to the ever-increasing technological adoption and innovation. YDC is a leader in assisting energy and utilities companies reinvent the ways that they do business, engage and interact with their customers. With YDC as your partner, your business can incorporate automation and big data in order to optimize production, enhance flexibility and efficiency by embracing the emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Data Science and Cloud Computing to create a smart factory environment.

Healthcare & Phramaceutical

Demands on the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors have skyrocketed as pandemic threats arise and some of the world's largest population segments reach retirement age. Healthcare organizations are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to deliver more efficient care. Pharmaceutical companies are developing more effective and potent medications and technologies to fulfill new needs.
Many healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations depend critically on their IT systems to keep up with this incredible and increasing demand. YDC understands how important it is for our clients to have dependable, financially stable partners to supply mission-critical consultants. Our competitive rates and focus on customer-service have earned us opportunities to work with many of the world's leading healthcare and pharmaceutical firms.We place specialized professionals experienced with technology that clients rely on, including: Data warehousing, Enterprise solutions, Systems integration, Content Development, Testing analysis, Web development.
YDC realizes that the demands of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors will continue to increase as times goes on. Ongoing initiatives further tailor our business model to meet the specific needs of our current and potential clients. With our partner, YDCPro, you can be sure to have the expertise as well as the talent solutions necessary to be successful in every venture.

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