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Emerging Technology Development

There are eight essential emerging technologies that are causing sweeping changes across each and every industry around the globe. 

Artificial Intelligence
Algorithms are automating decision-making and tasks in ways that are able to mimic human thought processes and senses. With machine learning, AI development enables computer programs to teach themselves to learn, understand, reason, plan and act based on data inputs. AI and Machine Learning are paving the way for a world with unlimited possibilities.

Augmented Reality
AR generates a visual and/or audio overlay onto our senses of the physical world by using contextualized digital information, thus augmenting the user's real-world view. The ability to seamlessly bring information to a user in an unobtrusive manner, blending the virtual and physical into one view of this world has unraveled a new realm of business opportunities.

Distributed digital databases and digital ledgers use cryptography - various types of software algorithms to record and validate transactions with full reliability and often anonymity. Since the record of events is shared, information cannot be altered once entered - this has the potential to unlock a new era of autonomous digital commerce with implications that are not currently within comprehension.

Varying in size and capabilities - drones can essentially be deployed anywhere and at anytime, whether controlled or fully autonomous. The impact of drones on companies is only beginning with uses from surveillance, cinematography, surveying, sports, delivery and many others. Drones will eventually be able to take over most, if not all, physical labor.


Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is an inter-connected network of physical objects, from devices, vehicles and appliances - ​using a mix of sensors, software, connectivity, and computing capabilities to collect, exchange, and make data-driven decisions and actions without any human intervention and/or interaction. No matter the industry - IoT advances the goals of an organization by augmenting everything - people, places, processes, and products - with sensors to capture and analyze data throughout the entire value chain process.

Machines with enhanced sensing, control and intelligence capabilities are increasingly being used to automate, augment and/or assist human activities. Robots are transforming every type of operation with new or augmented capabilities that address the challenges of working in changing, uncertain, and uncontrolled environments, such as alongside humans to prevent danger to them.

Virtual Reality
VR makes literally anything possible - in a computer-generated simulation of multi-dimensional spaces - users can experience and use equipment to interact with the simulation in realistic ways. While the gaming and entertainment industries are obvious applications of the technology - the potential to transform and disrupt almost any industry is fast-approaching. 

3-D Printing 
The industry and its technology began by printing three-dimensional objects based on digital models by layering or printing successive layers of materials. Originally using innovative material technology such as plastic, metal, glass, wood but more recently organic living matter or living cells have begun to be used. 3-D printing not only has the potential to turn any physical space into a factory but to redefine the reality for humans on earth.

Various combinations of the eight essential emerging technologies has caused brand new industries to emerge and begin a disruption that incorporates all industries into one.

Embodied AI & Intelligent Automation

Combining Robotics, IoT, Drones, 3D Printing, & AI - allows AI systems to build databases with increased sensors and capabilities based on the idea that intelligence is as much a part of the human body as the human brain. Using various new technologies to increase the capabilities of Robotics, Drones, IoT and 3D printing through intelligent automation, natural language processing, and machine learning - creating software that could orchestrate entire organizations. These technologies could revolutionize the entire reality of business.

Automated Trust

Combining Blockchain, IoT, and AI - creates potential to automate trust between users within a network. Using IoT sensors can verify and record each and every step of the supply chain - with blockchain creating an immutable supply chain ledger - buyers will have verified and validated authentic products that they are able to trust.

Extended Reality

Combining AI, AR, IoT, Robotics, Drones VR - often used as an umbrella term to refer to conversational interfaces, augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality, extended reality (XR) ranges from digital overlays to sophisticated immersive digital experiences. When XR is combined with Robotics, AI and IoT - it's true power can begin to be revealed. With a seamless hardware and software ecosystem - the combined human and robotic productivity and experiences are enhanced. Imagine technicians repairing equipment with full schematics overlaying the real world objects or by using virtual reality to control a robot to fix hazardous machinery that cannot be touched by humans.

Whether you are considering options, exploring the possibilities or simply need assistance to execute an already formulated plan - YDC can help you create the reality that you want for your business.

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