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Leveraging IoT


Tailored Solutions

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution - we make it easy to get started and iterate quickly with the blockchain of your choice, both on-premises and in the cloud.


Business Integration

Merge blockchain technology with your existing IT assets and platforms. Integrate blockchain with your organization's preferred cloud services to improve shared processes.



With scalable blockchain solutions that leverage the current technologies that your business is using, we can help you build reliable enterprise-grade applications.

Blockchain Technology for your Business

If your business requires tractability and security of data - blockchain's distributed, peer-to-peer approach may be right for your business.

Distributed Ledger Technology is seen as a major innovation with the potential to disrupt our traditional means of transferring value and information as well as managing trust. 

YDC can help you understand how blockchain technologies can make a really positive impact to your business by applying blockchain technology to use cases like asset management, software provenance, contract negotiation and efficient supply chains. 

Blockchain Consulting

Guidance through every stage of your blockchain project. YDC collaborates with you to define cases, tech requirements and desired future state, planning and architecting a solution that fits your business needs.

Ongoing Operations

Our ongoing operation services include everything from continuous monitoring, testing, and updating. We ensure that your tailored solution remains relevant and consistently meets the needs of its users.

Blockchain Solution Delivery

Applying technologies and methods that best align with the recommendations from the Blockchain Consulting phase, ensuring your solution is future-proof and continually delivering value to your business.

Analytical Models for Catalog & Collections

Management using analytics-forward approaches for various asset segments. Offering centralized and decentralized repository of info regarding assets, including ownership and authenticity while developing and defining innovative and regulatory-compliant strategies for collections.

Blockchain Validation

YDC implements testing environments for functional testing, ensuring your business' use cases, processes, procedures and smart contracts operate smoothly and error-free. It is then bench-marked and tested for performance in order to tune everything to your system. Allowing your solution to be efficient, effective and ready for production.

SaaS Asset Management

YDC aims to propel the management of digital assets with blockchain projects like Ethereum. With this the interaction between asset issuers, asset owners and asset users becomes efficient and easy.

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