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Digital Strategy

Digital Services

We help your business strategically plan your digital services programs:

  • Digital Services Strategy: Design, Build and Validate a plan to achieve your business goals through simple and reliable digital technology.

  • Re-imagine Existing Products: Enhance your current products to meet increasing customer expectations and compete in new markets by adopting new digital business models and technologies.

  • New Products and Services: Identify unmet market needs and plan for your platform to serve those needs. Use agile technology to validate the approach and integrate with the API’s economy to expand your offerings.

  • Examine and Appraise what form of organization is best suited to meet your objectives, and present you with the most effective options.

  • Analytics and Data Monetization: Empower your business using data-driven insight, collating evidence and uncovering latent value.

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Software & Platform Development

Collating Data
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We help build and develop a spectrum of software applications:

  • Customer Engagement, Omni-channel, eCommerce, and Digital & Social Media Marketing.

  • Data analytics, visualization and management.

  • Supply Chain and Partner engagement, including API development.

  • Internet of Things (IoT) platforms. Enabling increased abilities for monitoring, data collection, automation, control and communication. 

  • Embedded systems; e.g. for connected and autonomous cars, robots and almost every type of hardware imaginable.

  • Software Development supporting Independent Software Vendors.

Product Development

We facilitate the software product development lifecycle end-to-end, including:

  • Product and Platform Ideation, Envisioning, and Prototyping.

  • Road Mapping, including Requirements Analysis, Architecture.

  • Custom software solutions, including Agile and DevOps techniques, platform and data migration, and deployment.

  • Testing & QA, test automation, performance testing, and specialized services for compliance, web services and accessibility testing.

  • Release & sustenance engineering, including management, configuration and on-going maintenance and improvement.

  • Data integration and Data mining.

  • Technical support, featuring Level 1, 2, and 3 end-user support and complete technical documentation.

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