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Big Data Analytics & Management


Perform lightning-fast real-time analysis on vast amounts of multi-source data.


Increase the accuracy and precision of predictive analytics by expanding to the use of all relevant data; instead of being selective due to processing constraints.


Increase your impact of analytics through the combination of different types of information collected from various sources that were never before analyzed.

Big Data

In order to excel in today's highly competitive and ever changing business environment - being able to gain instant insights and deploy data-driven solutions across every part of your organization is increasingly becoming a defining factor of success.

Experience and Professional Expertise

YDC's professional consulting and services transform your data into information and useful actionable solutions. With proven expertise in information technology and innovative thinking in emerging technologies - YDC's team of consultants can ensure that your organization's implementation, management and usage of data and information is executed with effectiveness and efficiency.


Intelligent Decisions
Gaining an edge on your competition by using Big Data means your organization will improve operations, make faster, more intelligent decisions and encompass multiple factor decision making rules to increase risk management. Whether your goal is to increase revenues, improve the customer experience or simply improve overall operations - YDC's got you covered with Big Data. 

YDC offers implementation, management and support services for all major distributions of all cloud and distributed computing solutions for Big Data.

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