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YDC Consulting & Services

Realize the Future, Today.

Canada's Most Trusted Partner for Digital, AI, Mobile and Data Management Solutions - whether leveraging Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence or integrating Internet Of Things (IOT) technology into your business - YDC has your back!

Our Servuces

Our Services

Digital Strategy

Digital Technology is transforming the world around us and the reality of our lives - businesses that are able to adapt to the new digital landscape and economy thrive - while laggards inevitably fall behind and eventually will fail.

Is your business ready? 

AI & Machine Learning

AI development for YDC's partners that demand smarter solutions to their business problems. AI brings unprecedented benefits to business. From marketing to finance to operations – YDC will increase productivity seamlessly and effortlessly for every business function. Together, we'll unlock new AI opportunities that change the future.

Mobile & Web App Design, Development & Implementation

When transitioning your business into the new digital landscape - hiring and developing internally can be difficult and expensive. From App Strategy, UX & UI Design to Responsive Cross-platform App and Web Development to Backend Development & Maintenance - YDC has you covered!

Emerging Technology Development

In this digital landscape, being first to adapt and innovate translates into success very quickly. AI, ML, ChatBots, Mixed Reality, Augmented & Virtual Reality enhance and transform the way businesses operate. With YDC you can assure that your business can adapt appropriately and thrive quickly.

Leverage IoT

With IoT, the Internet will extend into every physical device and everyday objects. Blockchain technology will disrupt and revolutionize the way that business is conducted. The world is on the verge of a revolution in connectivity, accountability and transparency - will your business be plugged in or left behind?

Big Data Analytics & Management

From automated data mining tools and database management to uncovering useful and actionable insights - YDC will help your business produce profitable results by leveraging Big Data, AI & automation technology.

Professional Talent Solutions from


Focus on Business, Not HR.

AI-enabled staffing solutions tailored to your business needs.

Solutions within your reach.

With YDC as your technology partner, you can enjoy unparalleled service, extensive support and unmatched ethics. Our services are tailored with your business needs in mind, every time - with the sole aim of eliminating technological stress from your organization.

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